In Emden, the water is always close: countless canals run through the largest city of East Frisia. Around 51,000 people live here - and enjoy a high quality of life: they live and work where other people go on vacation.

The East Frisian Islands are not far and just a ferry ride or one flight away. The Wadden Sea is practically right at one’s doorstep. There is a lot to discover in Emden itself: If you like sports, explore the countless canals in the city on a canoe trip. The historic ramparts and their kennels are just as inviting for a walk as the old inland harbour. It can be reached via Alter Ratsdelft and is home to various museum ships.

Museums convey an impression of the city and its history: at the East Frisian State Museum with its historic armoury, visitors can discover the best-preserved bog body in Northern Europe called "Bernie". The Bunker Museum shows life during the war. The Art Gallery is also home to important Expressionist works and attracts visitors with changing exhibitions. And best of all, everything is always just a stroll away in Emden. In addition, Emden offers various types of schools, including two grammar schools, and is home to a university with approximately 4,700 students. Emden, with around 34,000 jobs subject to social security contributions, is also considered a job engine in East Frisia, which is also due to the port’s enormous importance for the region.

There is always something going on in Emden. This is due to the many venues such as the Nordseehalle, the Johannes a Lasco library and the New Church.

There are plenty of leisure and recreational facilities in Emden - for example the large public outdoor pool and the thermal bath with a large sauna and wellness area.

In addition to all of that, Emden is easy to reach: The city is directly connected to the German (A 31 / A 28) and the international (A7 NL) motorway network and is thus directly connected to the Ruhr area. Emden also has several train stations for passenger and freight transport as well as an airport.